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Idle Prison Tycoon Mod APK

Idle Prison Tycoon Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Download with Unlocked features for Android. Idle Prison Tycoon APK Mod is 100% safe to download and install on your Android device, without anything to worry and you do not need any kind of login or registration. Its unique graphics and diverse scenes provide players with a long-lasting and varied gaming experience.

Come join our Seasonal Event that takes place every week!
There are events such as Life and Death, Fantasy Land, The Android’s Dream, Wind of the Wasteland, and Third Humanity.
You can participate in events when you reach Prison 3.

Are you looking for a tycoon? A prison tycoon game is right up your alley!
We teach the bad criminals a lesson in a “”nice”” way.
A simulation game that turns the criminals’ lives around 180 degrees!

Manage the prisoners and operate the prison facilities to earn money.
A prison facility starts out as a one story building, but it soon becomes a high-rise building as you learn how to operate it strategically.

It is an “”idle”” tycoon game, so the criminals work continuously even if you’re not playing the game.
They’re being rehabilitated nonstop, so you don’t have to worry!

Criminal Manager Simulation

The troublemakers that enter the prison need to take education courses to be rehabilitated!
Try upgrading the Gym, Labor Zone, Meditation Room, etc.
Also, guide them through the education course to change their behaviors and looks.
The savage criminals will be able to lead normal lives once they complete the rehabilitation program.

Try hiring qualified prison guards.
You need to come up with the appropriate strategy to hire guards for each rehabilitation room.
The guards are basically ‘teachers’ who possess different skills!
You’ll find hairstylists, fashion designers, kickboxers (who change criminals’ behaviors), and many more! Develop your strategy to hire various types of teachers!

The value of the prisoners increases every time they pass through a rehabilitation room, so you’ll be able to earn more money as long as the prisoners keep moving.
Secure as many facilities as possible by building and expanding them.
Also, you can invest your income in increasing the value of the rehabilitation facilities!

If you like prison tycoons and casual games, try it now!

Think strategically to activate the facilities, and rehabilitate even more prisoners.
We need your help to make the world a better place!
Try out the perfect prison game!

This game features ads that help you make faster progress.

You do not need any internet connection to play this game.

Take a strategic approach to make the criminals in the rehabilitation facilities turn over a new leaf!

Mod Apk Features:

  • Unlimited Everything
  • Full Pack Unlocked.
  • Totally Safe
  • Totally Free.